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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

April Favourites

For once in my blogging life, I have my monthly favourites organised and up on time (early in fact!) Some of this I am going to in-depth review (April has found me some amazing products) so keep your eyes peeled if you want to know more... but for now, let's get started.
Benefit: Cha Cha Tint
Spring's about, Cha Cha tint is out. I'll be honest, I've tried all the Benefit tints and this is the only one I truly like. Posie and Bene are just not ideal for pink-undertone skin like mine. Cha Cha, an orange toned tint, is the perfect cheek colour for Spring. It's bright and a lot creamier than the other tints, making for much nicer blending.
Barry M Nail Paint in Blue Moon and Vintage Violet
I have always loved Barry M's nail products and these colours are perfect for Spring. Pale blue/mint blue is always a Spring favourite for me, but this mauve colour is my go-to at the minute.
MAC Faux
Obsessed. A beautiful, pearly satin pink that's less of the over-hyped Velvet Teddy brown-pink and more of a classic dusky rose...a shade I am so glad to see coming out for Spring among the boring throngs of Kylie Jenner-esque Instagram posts. You know that 'new lipstick' smell too? Just me? That smell is an April favourite on its own.
L.A Girl Pro Concealer in Classic Ivory
When I discover a product like this I genuinely want to be transported to the US to live there and reside in your many fabulous drugstores. This stuff is incredible, and affordable even with shipping. As a girl with under eyes that are always going to look tired (genetic eye bags, hurrah,) I can honestly say that this in Classic Ivory is making my highlight and concealing job so much more pleasant. Full review soon because it's the bomb.
Pandora Bow Ring
I've been wearing this non stop after winning Natt Hill's giveaway. It's just so cute!

Fake Flowers
So normal flowers are of course, ideal, but for the times when we can't be bothered to deal with sad wilting petals, fake flowers keep your room sitting pretty. The ones in these snaps are from Wilko and they're super affordable at around £1 a bunch. I had such a fun time picking some out (it's like being at a pick n mix stand, there are so many to choose from.)

That's all folks! Let me know if you're tried any products mentioned, want to try any, or just enjoy weird stuff like fake flowers.

Monday, 27 April 2015

#MOTD Everyday Classic Glam

Hey loves! Just a quick post on the look I love...for day-time, night-time, any time. Winged eyeliner and a classic lip is so wearable but is the sort of look that makes you look 'polished.' See below for product listing.
Foundation: Rimmel Nude 
Brows: Rimmel Gel Liner in Copper Bling
Bronzer: Bare Minerals Warmth
White Liner: Benefit Eye Bright
Lips: MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer in Tranquility (Didn't like this in Winter because it only accentuated dry it works a treat!)

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Tips For Perfect Prom Prep & My Prom Experience

Prom season is approaching. I myself have long done the two proms available to me in my life, so thought I'd compile a list of what I learnt in terms of getting prepped.

I think there are some differences between prom in America and prom in the UK (massively stereotyping here) ... but we don't do promposals or anything like that! To my knowledge, most people in the UK do prom without having to find a 'date.' I also feel like prom is less of a 'big deal' here and it's a bit more casual. I'm so intrigued by 'prom culture' though so please let me know what your prom was like/any prom traditions where you are because I'm genuinely interested!

Also: Keep reading this post if you wanna see what I wore!

1. Make sure your dress fits the very last minute
I had a mishap at my first prom in that I bought my dress 6 months early....come prom day, I literally had to squeeze into it. I found it in London, fell in love with it, and didn't even consider the fact it might not fit in half a year. A zip may have bust in the process. Try your dress on regularly!

2. Shoes are important
Obviously they've got to look nice, but are gonna dance! The Steve Madden babies I wore to my second prom were way too high for me. I knew this, but did this change my mind? No. The sparkle was too strong a force. If your shoes aren't the comfiest things ever (and lets be honest, they probably won't be) then get some gel liners. You will thank me in the early hours.

3. If you get a tan, make sure you think ahead in terms of makeup
I didn't even think about the fact my foundation was going to be way too light for my face. Bronzer was used heavily, but this obviously isn't ideal! Basically...if you're gonna be a different colour than usual, don't forget that big feature...your face!

4. Make sure you have enough time to get ready...but not too much time
With all the excitement it can be so tempting to begin your transformation super early. Getting ready is a big part of the fun, yes siree, but getting ready too early can mean your makeup doesn't last/hair doesn't stay curled/etc. Resist the urge!

5. Consider DIY
I did my own hair for both my proms and my makeup the first time. The second time my best friend did it, which I was super thankful for because it's so much less stress! I personally can't think of any occasion I would want someone other than myself or someone who knows what kind of look I like doing my makeup. Getting your makeup done can often lead to a look that just doesn't look like you. Instead, amp up your own stuff: get some really nice lashes, buy a new lipstick, or whatever makes your face feel that bit special.

I had to scroll a long way through my Facebook pictures to find these. Hence the tiny cropped pics. Emotional roller coaster, hello (any outfit deets I can recall are listed.)

Prom Numero Uno: Lol. As you can see, prom was pretty casual first time round. I seem to have pretty much just thrown in a mix of everything I like. Gold, solver, lace up heels, feather earrings...if I liked it, it got a feature. I almost definitely wouldn't choose this ensemble if I did prom again, but I loved it at the time and that's all that matters!
Dress: Traffic People 
(I really didn't make these brand names up)

Prom Numero Dos: Observe the pale-ish face tanned body issue. Feel my pain. As you can see though, I love me some gold. I still love this dress, love these shoes and really enjoyed wearing this ensemble. I just wish I could still get into any of it (nope, even the shoes don't fit...big feet issues) (also, just whuut is that Instagram filter?)
Dress: Karen Millen
Shoes: Steve Madden
Clutch: John Lewis

If you're prom-ing this year, tell me what you're planning on wearing! I'm hopefully going to be doing a few prom looks on upcoming prom gals and will be blogging about it. Til next time xo

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Current Obsession: The Affordable Remedy For Dry Unruly Hair

I have found a miracle product. Not a half miracle. This is a full on wow-hello-what's-this-piece-of-heaven kinda miracle.
I ran out of conditioner and ran up to the local pharmacy as it was all that was open. This cost a grand total of £2. I didn't really think twice about it: it contains argan oil (always nice) and I thought it would tide me over.

I usually have very dry ends and frizzy, half-curly hair... and to top it off a really stupid half-grown-out fringe. I used this, lazily blow dried my hair and that was it.  Looked it the mirror. What the...

The usual frizzy mess was sleek. Almost straight. My fringe sat smooth and blended into my hair. Trust me, I googled this conditioner so fast I nearly stumbled over my own feet getting to my laptop.

Creighton's Argan Smooth Deep Moisture Conditioner retails at various prices on various online sites. A little strange, but it has rave reviews all round. After just one use my dry hair felt soothed after styling, not frazzled. I am so impressed with this product.

I have never seen this in a drugstore so maybe check somewhere a little smaller and see if you can find it! Otherwise, it is available online. Til next time xo

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Product Review: La Roche-Posay Effaclar

I trialed the highly praised skincare brand for 2 and a half weeks to see if it helped me out. The Effaclar range is for sensitive oily skin and claims to be a total anti-blemish system.

I have combination skin that only suffers from minor breakouts. I do however have pretty bad acne scarring on my chin and happened to be in breakout patch when I began this treatment. The range is highly recommended by dermatologists for problematic skin and a great solution for scarring.
I used the foaming wash and the so-mysterious-I-still-don't-know-quite-what-it-is "corrective unclogging anti-imperfections" cream/serum/god knows. The wash and the serum  together cost around £23. There are often offers on the range as a whole, but this is obviously on the more costly side of skincare.
The face wash is a clear gel that foams with warm water. It does a nice job of removing makeup but apart from that I found to be just a 'meh...okay' face wash (disregarding final results.) It smells of soap (despite it being soap-free) and doesn't do anything miraculous. Your skin is left feeling slightly matte.
 The serum was a lot more...interesting. You use it on freshly washed skin all over the face, not just to blemishes/marks.

Not gonna lie, it's not the most pleasant thing I've ever put on my face. It has a slimy consistency that, once absorbed, leaves your face feeling pretty heavy on product and kind of clogged.
I used both these products for over a fortnight in the hope that my breakouts would die down and and marks would face. I didn't expect anything to disappear completely, I hoped the serum would help fade it.

After two weeks, my face was a mess. 

Breakouts on my chin and forehead had become red and the marks left were the weirdest things I've ever had on my face... dry, deep red and difficult to conceal. I developed breakouts on my cheeks (what?? this is unheard of for my skin) which I assume were from the serum that insisted you use it all over. The most disappointing thing was that my acne scarring looked redder (?) and more pronounced.

I don't know if it's a 'it gets worse before it gets better' kind of treatment, but after almost three weeks, seriously? The breakout I had was unusual (I have clear skin most of the time), but the end result of this left my skin even worse that in its seriously bad tweenage days (pretty darn bad.)

I switched back to my usual cleansing routine (the brilliant Lush Herbalism) and within three days, my skin was back to normal. Three days. It became apparent that the Effaclar range was, indeed, wreaking havoc with my skin.

If I do go into a bad patch with my skin, I know I won't be returning to either of these products. Maybe it was the switching up that caused things to flare, but seeing as this claims to treat problem skin, it's a little disheartening for the price.

Of course, this product might work for you. My skin type wasn't exactly suited for it (I have a feeling if you have an ongoing acne problem this might be a better suited skin type.) However, I do have scarring and that serum did anything but help.

Have you tried the range? How did it work for you? 

Sorry for the negative review but I was seriously in shock as to how dismally this worked! Til next time xo

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Beauty Products I've Changed My Mind About

We've all done it...raved about a product we've used for a week before realising it's actually terrible. Or slated one before discovering we can't live without it.

I only review after testing all products thoroughly but over longer periods of time it can become much more clear as to which are winners and which are losers. I like to review honestly so here are the products that made me change my side.
Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser Concealer
Everyone loved this. I think I subconsciously felt I had to like it because everyone else compared it to such great things. However...after some time and consideration I reckon this is definitely my least favourite product of 2014/15, or at least the biggest let-down product. The palest shade isn't pale enough for me, it's thick whilst not a good coverage, it's cakey and also has an applicator that I'm pretty sure is harboring bacteria. I think it's rubbish. End of story.
Revolution Baked Highlighter
I apologise to this product every time I use it (i.e: everyday.) It's the most beautiful way to bring a subtle shimmer to your cheekbones and looks great when you kind of 'set' liquid highlighter with it (yes I use two highlighters, I'm addicted to dat sheen.) I used it with the wrong brush previously: try it with a small fluffy brush that isn't too dense and it's such a game changer.
Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
I liked this for about a day before deciding that the very smell of it made me feel gross. It's sickly and there's so damn much of it and I feel like it's going to haunt me forever.
Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
I've decided I really like this primer after giving it a measly score in my primer post. It does indeed minimise the appearance of pores and really helps your makeup's wearing time, especially with use alongside Maybelline foundations.
Collection Strawberry Lip Balm
I haven't actually mentioned this on my blog but when I got it I thought it tasted sickly and looked a bit naff. I'm actually loving it now! It's a bit...powerfully...scented, but it really adds a great level of pink colour to your lips (more so than the pink Vaseline) that also lasts. Thumbs up.
Any products you've changed your mind on? And have you tried these ones? I would love to hear your opinions so comment below!

Friday, 10 April 2015

#OOTD Magnolias & A Kimono

Hi lovelies. I was in Staffordshire today seeing family and it was such a beautiful day! Magnolia trees were everywhere and I couldn't resist a photo op (they are the prettiest, after all.)

When packing to come home from uni for Easter break my mind linked 'April' with 'drip drip drop little April showers' none of the clothes I've brought down are really sun appropriate. To be honest, I wear black/grey pretty much every day regardless, so I don't know who I'm kidding when imagining a world in which I wear an outfit of block colours. 

Instead, I went for black jeans, a vest top and this kimono. I love kimono style shawls/cardigans for when the sun is out. They make for a perfect cover-up and a way to get some print into your outfit really easily. See more pics and outfit deets below!

Sunglasses; Topshop
Kimono: H&M 
Vest: Asos
Jeans: Asos
Pumps: H&M 
Bag: Primark 

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

#OOTD Spring Has Sprung

The weather has been so nice the past few days...thought I would share a casual Spring look with y'all! I realise that I'm wearing a sweater but in the UK you can hardly rely on the sunshine to stick around. More Spring-y pics and outfit details below!

Sweater: Topshop
Jeans: Asos
Watch: Next
Shoes: Primark
I hope Spring has sprung wherever you are in the world!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Collection Nude Bronze Palette Review & #EOTD

This range came out just last month and I've had my eye on this one in particular: a gorgeous gold/brown tone shimmer palette, so was happy when my mama randomly picked one up for me! The packaging is really sleek and they swatch pretty nicely. I also really like the names of these? (It makes me happy when drugstore lines name each shade in a palette.)
so white that ivory is lost on me *cry*
So far so good. Thought I would combine a review with an eye look to show you how I got on with it:
I love it! This look uses Nutty, Mink, Golden Brown and Ochre.

Ochre (the yellow gold) hasn't got as much payoff as I would like, but it does add a bit of shimmer to the centre of the lid. Nutty (the darkest shade) is brilliant. I used it on the outer V and into the crease. They're not the most pigmented shadows ever but they do a nice enough job.

Ochre is the only real let down. These are pretty blendable and apart from that one shade these have really good pigmentation and the colours are going to look amazing in summer. I'm impressed seeing as they're so inexpensive. Go get one! Find it here.

Friday, 3 April 2015

How I Work Out & Do Yoga At Home

I am a firm believer in the power of working out at home. I don't mind going to the gym, but it's never going to be the most pleasant place. At home, you have control of your environment and what you're doing. I've put together a collection of videos I follow at home, as well as yoga tutorials I've learnt from and tips I have for home workouts.
Getting a good environment is key. I like to light a candle. I always make sure I have a cup of lemon water with me (hot or cold, I drink it all day every day after eradicating coffee from my diet, read about the benefits here!) The key is that you have control to encourage yourself to work out. Just try to make an environment that feels open and good to be in. However, I worked out in a tiny uni hall room for a year: whilst not the most nicest space, it's what you make of it.

For equipment, all I use is two 1/2kg weights (I love the slim ones seen below, not sure where these exact ones are from but you can get similar at John Lewis), a yoga/exercise mat and some yoga blocks. Obviously, you can increase the weights or work without them. I'm not saying don't be ambitious, but small weights have great impact if you're using them with great workouts.

An exercise mat is essential (they're pretty inexpensive), but yoga blocks are optional. If you working up flexibility in a position then they're really helpful (they're essentially an extension.) Yoga By Cadence has good post that talks you through them.
I have used the XHIT and POPSUGAR Victoria Secret Workout videos for a good few years now. I can't recommend them enough. Without going to the gym, I honestly think I could have got my body to where it is now on just home workout videos along with weight work. There's no excuse for not trying them out! You need the smallest space in your bedroom and absolutely no equipment. Plus they're free! They're short but helllll do they make you work.

Usually I do a around three ten minute circuits, break for fifteen and then do yoga. You should by no means stick to this pattern though. Yoga is meant to be a state of mindfulness: if the only thing you have on your mind after working out is a shower and a corpse-like position on the floor, then maybe save yoga for night time or alternate days. I do yoga most mornings, then as a cool down to a workout.

Please note: I don't work out to lose weight. Instead, I work out to tone up and keep healthy. However, the workouts I've linked below are going to still help you if you want to lose weight, especially the POPSUGAR one.

Working Out:
POPSUGAR 10 Minute Circuit
XHIT Victoria's Secret Butt Workout
XHIT Victoria's Secret Ab Workout
Fitness Blender Tank Top Arms Workout

My Spotify Yoga Playlist
Madeleine Shaw Yoga For Beginners
Yoga With Adriene
Yoga isn't something I like to 'follow' as such: not many people do. Watch some videos, read up on some poses and just give it a go in a quiet environment.

I hope this was helpful. Til next time xo

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

#EOTD Witchy Purple Shimmer

Eye Of The Day// A kinda 'witchy' purple shimmer look (Maleficent springs to mind, in the Disney cartoon at least.) I've said it before and I'll say it again...if you've got green or hazel eyes, purple shadow is your thang! It doesn't have to be as dramatic as this (MAC Nocturnelle is a lovely standard purple/ No7 Lilac Shimmer is a nice soft pale lilac.)

For this look I used four shadows:
Urban Decay Grifter (Bright purple shimmer/centre)
Urban Decay Gunmetal (Dark grey/wing and crease)
Urban Decay Buck (Matte brown/transition)
MAC Shale (Muted purple/centre)

My eyes are primed with Urban Decay Primer Potion and Phwoarr Paint (such a good combo for a smooth, long-lasting but blendable look.)

Let me know what you think and if you have any purple shadows to recommend because they rock n' rule. Til next time xo
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