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Monday, 23 February 2015

Product Review: Herbalism VS Dark Angels

Whilst looking for a Lush cleanser I realised that I was torn between two: Herbalism and Dark Angels. Both retail for £6.75 and even the shop assistant described the differences as being very minor despite the total ingredient contrast. However, both are designed to help oily/combination skin. I decided to trial them first and get a comparison up in relation to the products' content. So which fared better? 

Main Ingredients: Ground Almonds, Nettle, Rosemary and Rice Vinegar Extract, Rice Bran, Gardenia Extract, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Sage Oil.

First impressions: That colour! It's just pure Grinch. It smells like vinegar but this isn't unpleasant at all. The consistency is like a powder scrub. You take a pinch in your fingers, apply to the back of one hand then wet the other with warm water and mix together into a paste.

Whilst cleansing: Okay so it is kind of messy and takes practice to get the right consistency,  but it feels very pleasant on the skin when it's on: no tingling, no overpowering scent etc. The rice bran works as a gentle exfoliator. 
great look
Immediate effect: The main wow factor with Herbalism is the way it reduces redness. The Chamomile Oil is to thank for this according to the product description. My skin has a very pink undertone that is exacerbated by a lot of exfoliating cleansers, yet after washing Herbalism off my skin was immediately a much more even tone. 

Final observations: A great, gentle cleanser that calms the skin. Of course its very suitable for oily skin but it doesn't matte-ify in any way (not necessarily good or bad- sometimes that's what us oily skin girls like to get from our cleansers though!) 

Dark Angels:
Main ingredients: Rhassoul Mud, Organic Avocado Oil, Powdered Charcoal, Black Sugar, Sandalwood Oil, Rosewood Oil.

First impressions: It just looks so cool. It is applied in the same way as Herbalism (add a few drops of warm water to a pinch on the back of your hand.) The smell is almost like licorice, which is something I would usually hate but really don't mind it in this.
Whilst cleansing: Again, a little messy. However, it's gentle on the skin whilst clearly being an exfoliator in the process (more so than Herbalism.)
yet another great look
Immediate effect: This is incredibly smoothing. My skin feels polished and clean. It's quite heavy going and whilst it doesn't irritate my skin it definitely is a deep cleanse that is probably to be used every other day at max.

Final observations: This has seriously sorted my skin out. Even after day one, my skin felt and looked smoother and clearer. It has also gradually reduced my skin's oiliness. It doesn't immediately tighten and matteify the skin, but after a few days use I definitely noticed that my skin wasn't getting that horrible T-zone shine after a few hours.

Final Verdict? Herbalism is a brilliant cleanser for combination/oily skin but Dark Angels just works so much harder for you. I will definitely purchase a full sized pot asap!

Have you tried any Lush cleansers that you'd recommend?


  1. Ooooh these cleansers look amazing!! I'll have to try one of them out - I think the Dark Angels one soon! Penny xxx

    Polka Dot Penny

    1. They're unusual for sure but I am very impressed with them. Had a feeling they'd both be a find! xxx

  2. This is a really useful post, I've just been getting into lush's skincare as I'm in dire need of a new routine with my skin freaking out lately. I will have to try Dark Angels! At the moment, I'm using Lush's 'Let the Good Times Roll', it's a great everyday scrub and smells like popcorn! My skin is so soft too.

    1. Hi Anna :) yes this was a great shake up when I bored with my routine! oh my goodness that popcorn one sounds amazing... will keep my eyes peeled


  3. I keep trying to post this & it just won't haha ok I have really really oily skin & not to crazy acne sometimes. I really want to try one of these do you recommend one that will sit more well with my type of skin? thanks!

    1. Hi Evelyn! Glad it worked! Dark Angels is great for oily left my oily areas really matte but it just didn't sit well will the rest of my face because I'm combination. Give it a try! x

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aqua Marina, but I'm afraid using it too much might make it less effective on my skin. That stuff makes me glow. I'm thinking of trying angels on bare skin next! Have you ever tried it before? I'm looking to get some feedback before taking the plunge.

    1. No I haven't but it's been on my wishlist for ages! Let me know if you do decide to give it a spin xxx


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