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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

#OOTD: Wrap Dress in the City

  | Dress: Red Herring | Hat: H&M Bag & Sandals: New Look |
So I actually want to be wearing this dress over a bikini on a sunny island somewhere...but I've come to the conclusion that a wrap dress can totally be city appropriate. I didn't get a picture of the back but you literally tie this thing up in a feels very 'beachy' but I am still basically living in it!

You can dress it up with a jacket and heels or opt for something much more casual- weather and location dependent! I love the delicate grey print of this one and how easy it is to wear. I'm also still very in love with this bright bag. I've seen it in a range of colours on so many blog and Instagram posts so it's clearly a summer fave!

Til next time xo

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Review: Revolution (I Heart Makeup) Lipstick

I've been intrigued by these glossy pink bullets ever since I first saw them in Superdrug a few months ago. It doesn't say so on the packet- nor are they placed under the Makeup Revolution counter- but this I Heart Makeup range is simply a branch of the Revolution brand. They are in fact found on the Revolution website as well, which is useful seeing as I've only ever seen this line in one Superdrug store.

First things first- packaging! I adore the fact that these lipsticks come in their own individual boxes. The bullet itself is honestly what drew me to them- I think a row of these would make a great dressing table feature! The bullet is exactly the same shape as MAC lipsticks, though they're a bit bigger. Luckily this lipstick still fits in my lipstick stand, so there's no issue there. Another strange observation- you'll be surprised at how light this lipstick is. It weighs next to nothing!
These lipsticks certainly stand out from the crowd thanks to their appearance...but wait until you see the names. This particular one is called Ken Will Want Me. Urm, okay? Other names include Barbie Is Jealous, Totally Not Boring and Lips That Won't Lie. They remind me very much of the messages on Love Hearts- kinda creepy but kinda cute.
Onto the actual product... Here are my observations!
- The lipstick is totally scentless.
- The formula is creamy and has a somewhat sheen finish.
- Nevertheless....the pigment is incredible! This particular shade is a gorgeous bright pink and would look perfectly placed in any summer makeup look.
-Even with the great pigment, the somewhat sheen finish means that you barely notice you're wearing lipstick. It isn't drying nor is it too moist, so I am a big fan of this formula.
- Obviously, any non-matte lipstick like this isn't going to last all day, but the high pigment in this means that the colour definitely sticks around long enough to make it a non-issue. It may be a different story with a nude lipstick from the line but I am definitely impressed with this one.
I will definitely be getting my hands on more of these...don't judge a book by its cover, but when a lipstick looks as fabulous as this you should probably go for it! Til next time xo

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Cheap & Easy Way To Clean Your Makeup Sponge

I have a love/hate relationship with my Real Techniques makeup sponge. Yes, it works like a dream- but cleaning it? Not fun. In addition, it looks like it requires a wash after only a few uses. 

I have however found an effective way of saying goodbye to the majority of those pesky foundation stains using ingredients you will almost definitely have in your kitchen. Yes, it's a boring task, but these babies harbour bacteria as well as looking ugly when you leave them unwashed. Whilst I've found this method to be seriously good, I must add that so many people find certain foundations simply stain these sponges permanently (I'm looking at you, Revlon Colourstay.) Nevertheless, I believe that this will at least budge the worst of it.

You will need:
- A tablespoon of olive oil
-A tablespoon of washing up liquid
-A running tap
-A bit of patience 

Let's get started!
I like to add the oil and soap onto a plate and ensure I have a clean towel at hand for when the sponge is clean. Don't use all the mixture to start with, but coat the sponge in it and then the work can begin. 

Think of the method as 'pushing' the product out of the sponge. Once a lot of it has come out (your sink will start to get a bit gross) then you can run the sponge under the water and begin again. It usually takes me at least three rounds of serious massaging to get the sponge looking clean. You will know it's actually clean when you squeeze it and the liquid wrung out is clear. 
I honestly don't believe anyone who says they can get their sponge looking brand new after prolonged use, but trust me when I say that it's very possible that you can get it looking pretty darn clean. This method also ensures that any bacteria inside is washed out- and that's a lot more important than the look of it!

Til next time xo

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Top Ten Under £10

I love a bargain that actually works. The drugstore is full of great products but sometimes you find something that rivals the best. Here's a round up of my favourite beauty products that cost less than a tenner!
Maybelline Baby Skin Primer £7.99 My favourite drugstore primer for skin that's smooth and prepped. I find this really helps the longevity of my makeup. Review here.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo £4.99 If you want a cream eye shadow with great pigment and shine for a low price then these babies are excellent. Review and look here.

MUA Pro-Brow Kit £3.50 I swear this is the holy grail product behind my brows. My natural brows aren't great but this kit transforms them. I love the dark powder for outlining and the pale powder for filling in. The gel is also pretty good (never understood the pink-toned 'highlight' shade but let's just ignore that shall we.) 

MUA Lipstick (in Bare) £1.00 (The silver bullet) I love all the Makeup Academy Lipsticks but this pretty nude colour is a definite favourite. I can't believe these lipsticks are only a pound...the colours are gorgeous.

MUA Luxe Velvet Lacquer (in Tranquility) £3.00 I wasn't so sure about this at first but now my lips are in better condition (good riddance winter lips!) I give this a big thumbs up.
MUA Cream Blusher (in Blossom) £2.00 Great pigment and a creamy finish...a really affordable blusher. These come in a great range of colours too.

Wet n Wild Lipstick (in Bare it All) £5.00 This brand makes incredible lipsticks. The finish rivals a lot of high end ones. This matte finish lipstick is the perfect nude-brown/pink. It's perfect for creating a really classy lip look. Check out a look with it here.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner £2.99 My favourite liquid liner- I rarely use anything else. I love liners in this design as I find pens dry out so quickly...this bottle definitely ensures the liner stays in liquid form! The brush isn't too thick nor is it thin and scratchy. This is the best drugstore liner.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 £4.00 I love this palette so much. I love the selection of shades and the quality of these shadows and their packaging for such a bargain price. Review here.

L.A Girl Pro Concealer £4.99 I could rave about this forever. Amazing coverage without creasing...perfect for highlighting under the eyes. The amazing range of colours means that there's one for every skin tone and you also have the option of choosing a few tones down to use as a cream contour. Review here.

Do you love any of these products? What are your top products under ten? Let me know! xo

Friday, 12 June 2015

DIY No-Sew Headband & #MOTD

I was so excited when I found out that these headbands were super simple to make at home. I absolutely love them! Keep reading for instructions & makeup deets!
  1. Find an old t-shirt (check out the Halloween blood spattered one I picked out!) and cut the bottom off. The thicker you want the headband, the higher on the t-shirt you should start. Cut across in a straight line so that you're left with a circle of material. 
  2. Twist the material so that you have an 'infinity' shape.
  3. Fold the two sections of the infinity to meet and there you have it!
It's that easy! I can't wait to make more...some brights and patterns would brighten up any outfit but I reckon a plain grey is a super stylish and versatile starting point if you're thinking of making one. 
On my face today: This brown smokey wing is my new go-to look. Also...a shout-out to the wonderful Real Techniques Sculpting Brush (my contour is forever thankful.)
Foundation: Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude
Bronzer: MUA Shade 1
Contour: Hoola Bronzer
Brows: MUA Pro Brow Kit
Blusher: From the Revolution Hot Spice Palette
Lipstick: Revolution The One
Shadow: Revlon Colorstay Adventurous plus Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze
Mascara: Benefit Bad Gal Lash
And my earrings are from Accessorise

Til next time! xo

Monday, 8 June 2015

#OOTD Summer Details & Tiffany Blue

Hi all! The weather has perked up again- cue tanning and drinks and frisbee, lol- so thought I'd share a random outfit and its details with you. I've got my summer wardrobe out (but I'm seriously lacking in the top department- might need to go shopping, again) and bought these new sandals which I am loving. In sadder news, my favourite day-time handbag absolutely bit the dust so had to go and find a new one. I decided to go for a bright bag because I never dress all that colourfully: and whilst I was worried that I would struggle to tote a crazy blue bag around every day, I'm actually enjoying the bright bag life. It's exactly Tiffany Blue as well which is a colour I love. Details below!
T-shirt: H&M 
Shorts: Zara
Bag: New Look
Sandals: New Look
Sunglasses: Asos 
Watch: Next
How do you work a bright bag into your outfits? Let me know! xo

Friday, 5 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Review With Swatches

Today I'm reviewing the Revolution Hot Spice blush palette and the Cheer and The One lipsticks. I've had my eye on this palette for ages: I don't actually own that many blushers, plus this contains a highlighting shade that looks absolutely gorgeous (and I'm obsessed with highlighter.) Here are my first impressions...lipsticks first!

The pink shade is Cheer and the nude is The One.
Cheer: This lipstick is like the grown-up version of glitter lip gloss. You can't quite tell from this picture but it's extremely sparkly! It's pretty sheer but has a beautiful finish. I am definitely going to be using this over other matte pinks too for a little sparkle. 

The One: This is a pink-tone nude (which I wasn't expecting as it looks quite brown-tone.) Again, it's quite sheer but both these lipsticks are buildable so you could always set them with powder if you wanted something more opaque. This is a pretty inoffensive nude if you're looking for a your-lips-but-nuder kind of lipstick (does that even make sense?) 
On to the palette! 

This is the Hot Spice palette. The packing is stunning and there's also a nice big mirror in it too. I chose this one because whilst some of the shades are similar, this palette contains both matte and shimmer finish shades. These swatches go in clockwise order from the top left
I absolutely love this. You can see that some of the colours are more pigmented than others (the orange-tone blusher is extremely so) but the soft pinks still have very good pigment (seriously, I advise a gentle hand when playing with these!) I am also so excited by this highlighter (the top right colour.) It's a beautiful pink toned highlight (not too pink like a lot of ones I have tried in my time.) 

Edit: I've tried two of these blushes already and the colour lasts. all. day. Obsessed!  

A very successful Makeup Revolution haul. Have you tried any of these? Let me know! xo

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

#OOTD Boyfriend Jeans

Hey there lovely people! I mentioned in a previous post that I came back home for a short stay. Thought I'd share some snaps...and my struggle with jeans other than skinnies. Outfit deets below!

I find wearing boyfriend jeans really tough for some reason. I'm used to literally living in skinnies! Boyfriend jeans look best with heels I think, but I definitely didn't want anything too dressed up so wood-heel sandals were where my logic lead me. I love these because they're lace up- I'm so obsessed with lace up shoes- plus they're pretty comfy. How do you style boyfriend jeans? Let me know in the comments!

Headband: Made myself...keep eyes peeled for a DIY post!
Top: Gap 
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Sandals: Ugly Duckling
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