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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Product Review: Maybelline 7 Day Superstay Polish

First of all, this stuff claims a 7 day wear. As a girl who never has unpainted nails, I know that's a big claim to make. Surely that's only possible in a Snow-White-in-a-glass-case world?

These polishes are relatively new and they're retailing at around £4.49 which I think is very reasonable for such a 'big claim' polish. I chose this nude-pink shade, Rose Poudré (Rose Powder? I'm guessing? Oh how I wish my French was still...average...)There's also a pale minty colour in the range that I was tempted by.
First impressions: This requires just two coats for a lovely pigmented colour. The brush itself is a thick one which seems to be growing in popularity in the drugstore as brands are finally(!) realising that thin brushes aren't going to get us anywhere in life. Thick brushes=fewer strokes=less air bubbles/streaking. I've said all this before.
It's high-shine and lovely. I was however a little concerned with the fact it doesn't 'seal' particularly well. 'Sealing' is when polish closes on the edge of the nail (the chip-prone area) instead of 'sitting' on it. Oh well, I thought... I was ready to trust the claim.
Verdict: Here's a day one VS day five...
As you can see, the colour has faded (this is partly to do with the lighting, apologies, the top picture looks bubblegum!) and there are little chips emerging, but I still like this a lot. No true 7 day promise, but it's leaps and bounds better than any other long-wearing polish I've tried (a lot...seriously, a lot.) You can also see that a few of my nails did have to be filed in the past few days, which may have affected the polish.

The colour fade is a little annoying but it still stays a pretty colour. The chip problem is really not too bad. It's arguably less noticeable because it's a pale shade; a red colour for example would probably highlight chips. If you can't be bothered with constant repainting, choose paler shades!
I really am impressed with the longevity of this and will definitely purchase more. Check out the colour range here and let me know if you guys have tried this.


  1. This looks pretty good! And I love the colour as well. Might have to try it out soon...

    Polka Dot Penny

    1. Me too. This shade is simple but classic x

  2. This is a really gorgeous colour, I love pink shades and particularly during spring/summer! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Oo same...nice change from the plums/red I usually chose in the winter! x

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