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Friday, 1 July 2016

Intern Diaries: 5 Things I Learnt In My First Week

An internship is kind of a funny place to be: I've still got that uni kind of sleep clinging to my eyes but I have to be up early and dress like a functioning adult. The world's no pjs at 3pm rule is really bloody hard to abide by.

Quick life update: I graduated with a first in English from Nottingham University and I'm currently interning at a restaurant guide for the next two months (one month already down!). I'm bloody chuffed. Despite the fact I feel as though I've had to "adult" rather quickly, I'm surprised at how much I like it. That doesn't mean it's easy: by the time I'm home, fed, OITNB-ed and GoT-ed, I'm absolutely ready to sleep. However, after a month on the job, I'm getting more and more used to being a real human and thought I'd share some fresh out of the experience kind of tips. Welcome to Getting to Nomi's Intern Diaries*: here's what I learnt in my first week.

*Consistency dependent on success and levels of exhaustion.

1. Getting up early isn't that bad
After living for a few years with very few hard hitting commitments (my lecture attendance became a bit of a myth, I can't lie), I had some pretty hideous mornings waking up after dreaming I'd just not rocked up to work. Evidently, the thought of getting up early is enough to wake me, in a cold sweat, at 5am. That's one way to do it, I guess? Honestly though, once you've been up for ten minutes, had a shower and a coffee, you'll be okay: tease yourself out of bed with the promise of a nice breakfast or a doughnut on the way to work because what the hell.

2. You need comfy shoes
Even if you spend most of your time at a desk, the wrong shoes are enough to ruin your day (and your feet). Buy something comfy, even if that means something ugly.

3. Always check the bus timetable
Rocking up with seconds to spare on your first day isn't the best start, but yep you guessed it, been there done that. The driver crawling down every street as though he's trying to stop at every red light is enough to drive anyone's anxiety through the roof, so take a minute to check: even if you think you know, smarty pants.

4. Take notes
You'll be bombarded with passwords, logins and general info on how to do stuff, so write it down. You might feel like an idiot journo, but seriously, you'll feel like more of an idiot asking for the password the next day (me). Bring something cute to write your oh-so-important notes down in - trip to Hema? Yes please.

5. Ask questions or regret it later
If I'm queen of anything, I'm Queen of Saying I'm Okay I Got It When I'm Drowning In a Pit Of Confusion. I do it all the time, in so many situations: I'd rather pretend that I've got it than admit I absolutely don't got it. Working on it. I spent my first week furiously battling with myself and Google to understand Photoshop. I could have just asked; when I did, I picked it up in five minutes and subsequently felt so much more confident. People want you to ask questions, so ask them.

What are your tips for new interns?
Anyone else interning this summer? (*all the hunnies who making money* *throw your hands up at me*)



  1. I'm currently studying English at the moment and I'll most likely be interning after my degree! Which means if you keep up these posts I'll be super interested! Sounds like you're having a lot of fun yet getting up early is still always a struggle for me! x


  2. Thank you for the lovely comment Leigh - I did the same degree as you and yes, I absolutely intend to keep it up! Lots of fun, but yes, still not used to mornings .... xo


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