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Saturday, 29 October 2016

How I Decorate My Apartment for Autumn

This is my favourite season: cosying up with a cup of coffee on cold sunny mornings, carving pumpkins and generally being a bit basic is the best. As much as I love Christmas, the cold at this rate is proving plenty cold enough. Let's stay in the leather jacket and a light scarf temperatures please?

Without further ado, here are my favourite autumn decor pieces!

What else? I'm making an expensive habit of purchasing Yankee Candles like there's no tomorrow. For autumn, the Cinnamon Stick candle is perfect. I'm also obsessed with this baby mirrored candle house from my current favourite store, Sostrene Grene: it's all very "hygge", in a cosier way than other Danish stores cropping up in the UK. This little house creates a lovely reflective glow in the evenings. I bulk buy tea lights from Poundland and then there's no stopping me.
A touch of nature
Bringing a spot of the ever-changing outside inside is always a good call. For autumn, pine cones and chestnuts are a lovely way to do this. I've filled my empty fireplace with pine cones and fairy lights, as well as a large glass vase (again, Sostrene Grene) that I keep on the dining table. I love carving pumpkins and displaying them (guess which one is mine: hint, not the Simpsons one), and they can stick around after Halloween if you keep them dry and spray them with a bleach and water mixture. Another fantastic idea is making your own potpourri, though I tried to do so by drying some oranges to begin with: they looked great, but smelt gross. To Pinterest I return...
Fairy lights are a given, especially around this time of year, but lamps add a certain atmosphere to bring it all together. I recently purchased this gorgeous Himalayan salt lamp on Amazon: I love the way they look and these salt lamps are also supposed to help purify the air. The soft rosy glow they give off also grants them a big autumnal thumbs up from me!

Thanks for reading, as always!
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