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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Tips For Perfect Prom Prep & My Prom Experience

Prom season is approaching. I myself have long done the two proms available to me in my life, so thought I'd compile a list of what I learnt in terms of getting prepped.

I think there are some differences between prom in America and prom in the UK (massively stereotyping here) ... but we don't do promposals or anything like that! To my knowledge, most people in the UK do prom without having to find a 'date.' I also feel like prom is less of a 'big deal' here and it's a bit more casual. I'm so intrigued by 'prom culture' though so please let me know what your prom was like/any prom traditions where you are because I'm genuinely interested!

Also: Keep reading this post if you wanna see what I wore!

1. Make sure your dress fits the very last minute
I had a mishap at my first prom in that I bought my dress 6 months early....come prom day, I literally had to squeeze into it. I found it in London, fell in love with it, and didn't even consider the fact it might not fit in half a year. A zip may have bust in the process. Try your dress on regularly!

2. Shoes are important
Obviously they've got to look nice, but are gonna dance! The Steve Madden babies I wore to my second prom were way too high for me. I knew this, but did this change my mind? No. The sparkle was too strong a force. If your shoes aren't the comfiest things ever (and lets be honest, they probably won't be) then get some gel liners. You will thank me in the early hours.

3. If you get a tan, make sure you think ahead in terms of makeup
I didn't even think about the fact my foundation was going to be way too light for my face. Bronzer was used heavily, but this obviously isn't ideal! Basically...if you're gonna be a different colour than usual, don't forget that big feature...your face!

4. Make sure you have enough time to get ready...but not too much time
With all the excitement it can be so tempting to begin your transformation super early. Getting ready is a big part of the fun, yes siree, but getting ready too early can mean your makeup doesn't last/hair doesn't stay curled/etc. Resist the urge!

5. Consider DIY
I did my own hair for both my proms and my makeup the first time. The second time my best friend did it, which I was super thankful for because it's so much less stress! I personally can't think of any occasion I would want someone other than myself or someone who knows what kind of look I like doing my makeup. Getting your makeup done can often lead to a look that just doesn't look like you. Instead, amp up your own stuff: get some really nice lashes, buy a new lipstick, or whatever makes your face feel that bit special.

I had to scroll a long way through my Facebook pictures to find these. Hence the tiny cropped pics. Emotional roller coaster, hello (any outfit deets I can recall are listed.)

Prom Numero Uno: Lol. As you can see, prom was pretty casual first time round. I seem to have pretty much just thrown in a mix of everything I like. Gold, solver, lace up heels, feather earrings...if I liked it, it got a feature. I almost definitely wouldn't choose this ensemble if I did prom again, but I loved it at the time and that's all that matters!
Dress: Traffic People 
(I really didn't make these brand names up)

Prom Numero Dos: Observe the pale-ish face tanned body issue. Feel my pain. As you can see though, I love me some gold. I still love this dress, love these shoes and really enjoyed wearing this ensemble. I just wish I could still get into any of it (nope, even the shoes don't fit...big feet issues) (also, just whuut is that Instagram filter?)
Dress: Karen Millen
Shoes: Steve Madden
Clutch: John Lewis

If you're prom-ing this year, tell me what you're planning on wearing! I'm hopefully going to be doing a few prom looks on upcoming prom gals and will be blogging about it. Til next time xo


  1. Awww you looked so nice in those photos! And some good tips there :) I had my prom a couple of years ago and this year I've got a summer ball, which is basically the same thing and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm so glad I live in the UK where there isn't that pressure to have a date - I'm just going in a group with my friends.

    Polka Dot Penny

    1. Hi Penny! Thank you so much :) Yes, thank god for summer balls else we'd never have a chance to dress up! xo


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