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Friday, 3 April 2015

How I Work Out & Do Yoga At Home

I am a firm believer in the power of working out at home. I don't mind going to the gym, but it's never going to be the most pleasant place. At home, you have control of your environment and what you're doing. I've put together a collection of videos I follow at home, as well as yoga tutorials I've learnt from and tips I have for home workouts.
Getting a good environment is key. I like to light a candle. I always make sure I have a cup of lemon water with me (hot or cold, I drink it all day every day after eradicating coffee from my diet, read about the benefits here!) The key is that you have control to encourage yourself to work out. Just try to make an environment that feels open and good to be in. However, I worked out in a tiny uni hall room for a year: whilst not the most nicest space, it's what you make of it.

For equipment, all I use is two 1/2kg weights (I love the slim ones seen below, not sure where these exact ones are from but you can get similar at John Lewis), a yoga/exercise mat and some yoga blocks. Obviously, you can increase the weights or work without them. I'm not saying don't be ambitious, but small weights have great impact if you're using them with great workouts.

An exercise mat is essential (they're pretty inexpensive), but yoga blocks are optional. If you working up flexibility in a position then they're really helpful (they're essentially an extension.) Yoga By Cadence has good post that talks you through them.
I have used the XHIT and POPSUGAR Victoria Secret Workout videos for a good few years now. I can't recommend them enough. Without going to the gym, I honestly think I could have got my body to where it is now on just home workout videos along with weight work. There's no excuse for not trying them out! You need the smallest space in your bedroom and absolutely no equipment. Plus they're free! They're short but helllll do they make you work.

Usually I do a around three ten minute circuits, break for fifteen and then do yoga. You should by no means stick to this pattern though. Yoga is meant to be a state of mindfulness: if the only thing you have on your mind after working out is a shower and a corpse-like position on the floor, then maybe save yoga for night time or alternate days. I do yoga most mornings, then as a cool down to a workout.

Please note: I don't work out to lose weight. Instead, I work out to tone up and keep healthy. However, the workouts I've linked below are going to still help you if you want to lose weight, especially the POPSUGAR one.

Working Out:
POPSUGAR 10 Minute Circuit
XHIT Victoria's Secret Butt Workout
XHIT Victoria's Secret Ab Workout
Fitness Blender Tank Top Arms Workout

My Spotify Yoga Playlist
Madeleine Shaw Yoga For Beginners
Yoga With Adriene
Yoga isn't something I like to 'follow' as such: not many people do. Watch some videos, read up on some poses and just give it a go in a quiet environment.

I hope this was helpful. Til next time xo


  1. Ohh I love this! Great post and lighting a candle is such a good tip! XO Naomi in Wonderland

    1. Thank you lovely! yesss candles are a necessity! xo

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  2. My 4 year yoga practice is solely a home practice. I can't practice in a studio, it's just not for me!

    1. You're SO good Rebecca, so that's reassuring! xo

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