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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Current Obsession: The Affordable Remedy For Dry Unruly Hair

I have found a miracle product. Not a half miracle. This is a full on wow-hello-what's-this-piece-of-heaven kinda miracle.
I ran out of conditioner and ran up to the local pharmacy as it was all that was open. This cost a grand total of £2. I didn't really think twice about it: it contains argan oil (always nice) and I thought it would tide me over.

I usually have very dry ends and frizzy, half-curly hair... and to top it off a really stupid half-grown-out fringe. I used this, lazily blow dried my hair and that was it.  Looked it the mirror. What the...

The usual frizzy mess was sleek. Almost straight. My fringe sat smooth and blended into my hair. Trust me, I googled this conditioner so fast I nearly stumbled over my own feet getting to my laptop.

Creighton's Argan Smooth Deep Moisture Conditioner retails at various prices on various online sites. A little strange, but it has rave reviews all round. After just one use my dry hair felt soothed after styling, not frazzled. I am so impressed with this product.

I have never seen this in a drugstore so maybe check somewhere a little smaller and see if you can find it! Otherwise, it is available online. Til next time xo


  1. Obsessed with hair products that have argan oil in it!

    1. Hi Brooke, same! I can't live without the stuff oxo

  2. Im gonna give this a go! thanks for sharing xx

  3. This sounds great. After I started colouring my hair, it got so dry and frizzy. I need something to fix it.

    1. Hi Georgiana :) Part of my problem too!! xx


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