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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Beauty Products I've Changed My Mind About

We've all done it...raved about a product we've used for a week before realising it's actually terrible. Or slated one before discovering we can't live without it.

I only review after testing all products thoroughly but over longer periods of time it can become much more clear as to which are winners and which are losers. I like to review honestly so here are the products that made me change my side.
Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser Concealer
Everyone loved this. I think I subconsciously felt I had to like it because everyone else compared it to such great things. However...after some time and consideration I reckon this is definitely my least favourite product of 2014/15, or at least the biggest let-down product. The palest shade isn't pale enough for me, it's thick whilst not a good coverage, it's cakey and also has an applicator that I'm pretty sure is harboring bacteria. I think it's rubbish. End of story.
Revolution Baked Highlighter
I apologise to this product every time I use it (i.e: everyday.) It's the most beautiful way to bring a subtle shimmer to your cheekbones and looks great when you kind of 'set' liquid highlighter with it (yes I use two highlighters, I'm addicted to dat sheen.) I used it with the wrong brush previously: try it with a small fluffy brush that isn't too dense and it's such a game changer.
Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
I liked this for about a day before deciding that the very smell of it made me feel gross. It's sickly and there's so damn much of it and I feel like it's going to haunt me forever.
Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
I've decided I really like this primer after giving it a measly score in my primer post. It does indeed minimise the appearance of pores and really helps your makeup's wearing time, especially with use alongside Maybelline foundations.
Collection Strawberry Lip Balm
I haven't actually mentioned this on my blog but when I got it I thought it tasted sickly and looked a bit naff. I'm actually loving it now! It's a bit...powerfully...scented, but it really adds a great level of pink colour to your lips (more so than the pink Vaseline) that also lasts. Thumbs up.
Any products you've changed your mind on? And have you tried these ones? I would love to hear your opinions so comment below!


  1. I love Maybelline's baby skin line! It's a must in my makeup collection!


    1. I really need to try some of the lip products! xo

  2. Oh gosh - I thought it was just me that wasn't all that convinced on the maybelline anti-age concealer. I have yet to try it out and despite all the reviews on it I'm not sold for the exact reasons you've provided above. I struggle with concealers as some are just not pale enough and my eyes are super sensitive so I find thick cakey products irritate them - one of the main reasons I've stayed away from purchasing. So glad I'm not alone!!! Love this post - so honest.


    1. Ahhh Lauren literally the same issues with my eyes! It's such a gimmick this product...there is better stuff out there for sure. xo

  3. I think you're the first person on the internet to say something bad about that Maybelline concealer! I have yet to try it, but it's definitely on my list, just because people have raved so much about it!

    1. Hi Sammi. I often think the same! But I have seen some people who feel the same way about it as I do. Obviously, it could just be my skin's texture/type/whatever that doesn't get along well with it, but for me it just seriously disappointed. x

  4. Replies
    1. They're all regular drugstore then the lip scrub is from Lush. I went to Superdrug but depending on where you live you might not have one of those! Follow the links if you want to buy online though x

  5. I have the Lush Lip Scrub and I love it but I think that you have to buy a flavor you want to use daily. I have the Mint Julep and the smell is nice and it works well. I smelled and sampled each one before I purchased them to make sure its a scent I genuinely like. I feel like you have to do that with Lush products

    1. I thought I did originally but I'm so contrary! Mint Julep sounds delicious though x


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