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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Review: Le Volume De Chanel Ultra Black Mascara

Today I'm reviewing a relatively new addition to Chanel's mascara range, the 'ultra-noir' factor being the new spin on the classic volumising mascara: say hello to Le Volume De Chanel Ultra-Noir!* Ultra-black is definitely the thang in regard to lashes recently- this sample size was sent to me to try out and review.
I've tested this product out for a fortnight and here's what I think!

What I love:
- The wand. It's the back-in-trend rubber comb, and it does an excellent job of separating your lashes. It's very 'roller lash-esque' but much thicker. You don't get any clumps with this wand which is pretty amazing.
- It is indeed, super black. You might not register this until you actually take it off: the jet black smears on your makeup wipe let you know that your lashes have been seriously dark today. 
- The intensity of the colour and volume combined almost give the appearance of tightly lined upper lids.
- This mascara does not fade, crumble or lose its volume throughout the day. Your lashes look the same as when you applied the product at 7am.
- Those lashes being long, separated, dark and beautiful, with no 'crispy' ends and edges. They literally look soft to touch!

What I don't love so much:
- It takes forever to dry. I find myself watching the time tick by as this stuff lingers, smudgable and dangerous. Not very practical.
And finally, THE BIGGEST PEEVE when it comes to this mascara...
- Lower lashes are a no no with this. So many mascaras look great on the top lashes but make you look like a crazy smudgy manga cartoon gone wrong in regard to the other set of lashes we all possess. This mascara looks apalling on my lower lashes so I have had to use my Max Factor 2000 Calorie instead (flawless lower lashes every time- click the link to read my review!)
 Excuse foundation lips, but you really can see how hard this mascara works! (top lash only)

As much as I'm loving the way this performs on my top lashes, for £25, I would want this mascara to be a bit more practical to use and a lot more wearable if I was going to purchase. I won't be buying it for myself any time soon, but I will definitely use this on my upper lashes...I'm kind of addicted to it in that sense. If your lower lashes are quite strong, you'll probably be just fine with this- but steer clear if you have more delicate ones.

Have you tried this mascara? Let me know your thoughts! xo

*This product was gifted to me by the brand/company mentioned.


  1. Wow I love the side by side example. Long drying time is the worst :/ But it does look awesome, just as you said doesn't seem as practical...

    1. I wish it was a bit more...right! It's so so close! xo

  2. I've had sample of that mascara too and, thought I like how it looks on my eyelashes, it takes a lot of time to take it off even with make up remover (mascara that I'm using now needs only warm water to take off haha) and for some reason it crumbles on my eyes :(
    But the wand is actually good, yes!

    Daria | xx

    1. Oh no, that sounds awful! Seems to be a pretty controversial product. Try Micellar water, it seems to do the trick in getting this off xo

    2. Yes, micellar water works a bit better with that mascara!
      Thank you! x


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