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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How I Contour My Nose

I'm sure many of you can relate to the fact that the beauty world of YouTube is where I've learnt everything I know about makeup. Literally all the things. However, when it comes to contouring, I see so many tiny perfect noses being contoured and think well, that's not gonna work for me.

My nose isn't symmetrical, so I've had to employ a few tricks that the beauty gurus with perfectly straight noses don't take into consideration. Please also remember that some people just have noses that look better without contour: don't follow trend if it doesn't work for you!

Products used:
Revlon Colorstay foundation in Buff + concealer in Fair
Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Translucent
Naked Naked 2 shadow
Benefit High Beam highlighter

1. I start off by applying my foundation and concealer as I normally would do. I then set this with powder. If you're doing cream contour, you wouldn't normally set your base beforehand, but I find cream contour and powder contour to be a little too intense. I stick with the latter, and set everything before I go in and sculpt.

2. I then use a matte, cool-tone contour shade. I've recommended this shadow from Naked (especially for pale people) but honestly, you probably already own a shadow in this kind of range. Just make sure it's cool tone in order to mimick the shadows of your face.

3. Using a shadow brush and making sure I tap off any excess (otherwise it will get muddy), I define the shape I want my nose to be. I take the shadow under the base of my nose to shorten it, then follow this with the two parallel lines that I follow up to my brows (some people like to take these lines into the eye crease, but that hollows my face out too much). Because one side of my nose is sort of wonky, I pay most attention to this side by filling in the "gap" (see what I mean, where my nose kind of trails off? Lol) and bringing the contour closer to the centre to give the appearance of a straighter nose. If your nose isn't symmetrical, that's the tip you need: bring the contour lines closer together to focus on the centre (creating a straight nose!).

4. I then take the setting powder over the contour once again to soften any harsh lines.

5. Finally, I dot a tiny amount of highlighter along the non-contoured area of my nose. This has a lifting affect that brings everything together.

I repeat, nose contour is not for everyone! If you do fancy it though, go in with a gentle hand and practice. Take pictures. As any Clueless fans will know, you can't trust mirrors.

Happy contouring xo


  1. Great tips! I have tried a few times to conquer my nose (it's on the larger side) and haven't loved the result. I think I might try the smaller shadow brush and see how that goes. Thanks!


    1. Hi there Amber, I felt the same way for so long! Definitely recommend a smaller brush for more precision. xo


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