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Monday, 5 October 2015

Man, I Feel Like A (Zara) Woman

Duh duuh duh duh duh DUH DUH. Yeah I cringed at the title of this post too but my fingers wouldn't let me delete it (bless you Shania Twain). It's been a long time since I bought a product, tried it, and sat my ass down to dedicate a whole post to it. Never mind that, it's been a long time since my last post- editing a magazine and being back at uni has absolutely thrown me!

However, there was a nice sunset and I'm back in my Nottingham house with my lovely white desk (clich├ęd blogger necessities) and fancied doing a product review and so I did. This is Zara Woman Fruity Eau De Toilette.
Confession 1: I never really buy myself perfume/scent. As a student, I never feel like I can justify blowing my cash on perfume- it feels different to makeup somehow, even though both do just run out- I'm clearly living in ironic denial. 

Confession 2: I'm not a massive Zara fan. Please, I hear your shocked outcries, just let me explain myself: I just feel as though it's a bit... it's like an Instagrammable Primark. The clothes feel cheap and flimsy but the store has a "cool girl" status to it. And there's always an extremely serious-looking security guard posted, as though the clothes are worth thousands? I just don't understand. Anway...
I had seen a few bloggers and 'tubers raving about Zara's range of scents. I thought the bottles and the packaging looked super classy for their budget price so I scurried to the back of the store to pick one out. 

I absolutely love the smell of this. It is indeed, quite fruity, but that note dies down and you're left with a sweet but subtle smell. Think more stylishly feminine and "clean" smelling (?) (wow I'm so good at this) than sickly and girly. 

The scent doesn't fade quickly like most either, and instead it sticks around leaving you smelling lovely. Plus I just love the packaging and simplicity of the bottle.
I seriously want to go out and buy all of my friends one of these for their birthdays! I think they'd be great as part of a gift. No, the store itself will never be my favourite, but I will definitely be trying more scents from the Zara range. I don't really know if I'll ever be a "Zara Woman", but I certainly enjoy smelling like one.

Til next time xo

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