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Sunday, 18 October 2015

How To Make That Tricky Foundation Work For You

Sometimes we buy a foundation and just can't make it work. Yes, it may well have had rave reviews, but if your skin is just not having it then it can feel like you've thrown your money away. To add to this issue, some of us have very changeable skin- sometimes mine is an oily mess, other days it's dry and painful on my cheeks and chin- I often find myself 'experimenting' each morning and see how well my foundation perfoms.
Revlon Colorstay is my fave foundation but it can be a bit tricky in terms of application- I recommend fingers then a buffing/stippling brush!

Here are a few tips and tricks I've found to be useful when dealing with either changeable skin or a foundation that you can't seem to get along with:

- Switch up your moisturiser. Because moisturisers are often skin-type specific, this can sometimes mess with your base. I like to use a matteifying moisturiser in the mornings and a rich one at night, but recently this has meant that my foundation 'cracks' and cakes up throughout the day. Try switching up that first step, or...

- Skip the moisturiser. Yes, I know you're not supposed to, but if you use a primer that leaves your skin feeling hydrated then that's one less thing to worry about that could potentially react with your foundation.

- Switch up the primer. I went through an entire bottle of Rimmel Stay Matte and a small bottle of Porefessional over summer, but using them on my skin now is just not giving me a smooth coverage (probably because they both mattify). I'm currently loving Maybelline Baby Skin- a nightmare product for me in the summer (it made me a greasy mess) but beautiful on my drier winter skin!

- It's all in the application. Over summer I was addicted to using my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to apply my foundation. However, come colder weather, my skin is not liking it at all. Switch it up and find something else! I used to steer away from stippling brushes because I felt like they required too much effort, but I am currently using my hands to apply foundation and they buffing it all in with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Seriously flawless skin guaranteed!

-Experiment with 'setting'. Laying off the powder has really improved the look of my foundation recently. I literally apply some between my brows and around the sides of my nose and leave it at that! Maybe try a setting spray or a lighter, looser powder and see how your foundation agrees with it.

- If all else fails... mix! There is usually a purpose that can be found even for the most tricky foundations. Have a go at mixing it with another foundation or BB cream. I love mixing foundations with my Botanics BB Cream for a little more coverage than a basic BB base. Even if you hated the foundation alone, you might be surprised with the results!

How do you make your foundation work for you? Let me know!
Til next time xo

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