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Sunday, 20 September 2015

How To Transition Your Beauty Products From Summer To Autumn

So I've done autumn nailsautumn fashion...and finally, autumn beauty. I'll lay off the seasonal theme after this post, I promise, but I wanted to talk about how I'm currently switching up my products now that we've said goodbye to summer. 
1. Foundation. For me it's always essential I get a new foundation after summer. I'm naturally very pale but I love fake tanning when the sun comes out so I have to use a darker foundation. Once I stop this process, I'm always shocked at how quickly my darker foundation starts to look an unsightly shade of orange on me! Not a good look. Revlon Colorstay is my favourite foundation ever, and I know that the shade Buff will suit me all through my paler months. I love the fact this foundation has skin type suitability: I have oily skin and although my skin is drier right now than it is in the summer, this foundation for Oily/Combination skin still works for me. I moisturise well beforehand to avoid it settling in any dry patches.

2. Eyes. In the summer I rarely wear any shadows other than bronze/gold/brown tones, and this time round I also avoided liquid liner completely. I feel as though the classic wing (that I love, don't get me wrong) looks a little too much during the daytime in summer. I stuck with mascara and soft brown liner this year round, but I feel as though it's finally time to get the wings back in place. This No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Liner is sensational. I reviewed it here. I'm also ready for darker shadows, particularly purples: featured in the picture above is MAC Shale.

3. Moisturise. I'm lucky in that I don't suffer from dry skin all that much, so using body lotion is usually pretty low on my list of things to do. However, when it gets colder I do like to use this Clarins lotion. I use it as a hand cream as well- my hands really do suffer in the winter- and it's a great lotion to keep skin feeling soft even when it's cold out. It's not too sticky, absorbs quickly and smells super fresh and clean.

4. Lip care. My lips are already prone to getting dry and cracked and we've barely spent a minute in September (or so it seems). I find that I'm pretty much using this Lush Lip Scrub daily and going to bed with layers of Vaseline on. The combination seems to work quite well, particularly if I use the Vaseline sparingly throughout the day- otherwise I find my lips become worse for depending on it. Dry lips are a pain but drinking lots of water is also meant to help. I would love to know your tips on keeping them at bay!

5. Lipstick. Reds, plums, purples, berries...I am so ready for Autumn lipstick! I know that matte lips are all the rage, but I like to avoid anything matte during the winter (as I have just explained!) I tend to look for shiny, moisturising lipsticks with great pigment. This Clinique Lasting Finish in Berry Freeze is an all time favourite.

How are you transitioning into autumn beauty-wise? Let me know! xo


  1. Berry freeze is a gorgeous shade! I'm always looking for my Autumn colours and I know how you feel about matte lipsticks, my lips are always dry so I'm all about the creamiest formula out there! xx

    1. Yess absolutely! My lips cannot handle matte at the best of times! xx

  2. Berry lipsticks always make me smile, it's the final transformation for me that make my fall look complete, and the lush lip scrub… heavenly :)

    1. I totally agree, it's the perfect finishing touch! xo

  3. I will be wearing a lot of darker shades of lipstick this Winter. :)
    I love mixing my make up this time of year.


  4. Great tips! I always have to switch products when it starts getting colder. Everything needs more moisture.


  5. Vaseline is the best thing to use on your lips...and the Lush lip scrub is my FAVORITE!

  6. These are GREAT tips!!! I tend to wear a lot less make up in the summer, mostly just eye make up and then back to some more face makeup in the Fall and winter : ) thanks for these tips!
    xo Adriana - Daily Dose of Design


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