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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Summer Skincare For Combination/Oily Skin

For me, summer skincare is all about improving the quality of my skin tone and controlling the shine that inevitably arrives with warmer weather.

For reference, my skin is:
Generally clear but very prone to hormonal breakouts
Sensitive and therefore prone to looking pink/uneven

Despite all this, I still think that it's nice to let your skin breathe in the summer- either by skipping the foundation or leaning towards something lighter- so I have found a few products that are really evening out the tone/texture of my skin and at the same time keeping oil at bay in preparation for either breathing free or creating a great makeup base. Here they are in the order that I use them!
Witch Oil Control Cleanser- Summer heat can wreak havoc with combo/oily skin. I get shiny quickly if my makeup isn't prepped and set properly when the sun is out. I rarely want a heavy base on in the heat so using this cleanser really helps to control my skin's oil production in the first place. Its effect is gentle, so if you want a subtle 'matte' effect from the very beginning of your routine, this is great (it's not going to dry you out I promise.) Oily skin that's going to be prepped properly (moisturised!) needs this head start.

Avene Eau Thermale- I'm addicted to this water (yes, it is just water...but some really nice water) After cleansing my skin I spritz this all over my face. It calms any redness in my skin and leaves my face soothed ready for moisturiser. I did a full post on this 'Holy Water' here if you want to learn more. 

Avene Eau Thermale Moisturiser- If you're oily then you might be tempted to skip moisturiser- especially in the summer when there's no harsh winter air to dry you out around the T-zone- but all skin needs to be moisturised. If you skip this step then your skin will overcompensate for the moisture it lacks by producing even more oil. To combat shine, look for a mosturiser like this one that's oil-free. This cream is suitable for oilier skin: it calms and leaves my face feeling well nourished but not greasy. It also seems to have a calming effect on my sensitive skin (this range is brilliant for skin with a tendency to flare up.) With an SPF of 20, this is the perfect formulation for protected summer skin that looks even and feels smooth.

Garnier Ultralift- This is a heavy cream and probably not best suited to most combo/oily people in the day time. However... I thought I'd drop this in since I've been loving the way this has improved my skin's appearance, which is a great perk in the summer when it's nice to go makeup-free. It claims it improves fine lines- and whilst I have 'young' skin, this has really helped my frown lines! (I really need to learn to relax my brow...)

Garnier Fresh Cleansing Lotion- This is a product perfect for all skin types, but I love the way this lotion works to remove makeup at the end of the day. Applied to a cotton pad, this removes everything and leaves you skin soft unlike face wipes that can often dry out even the more oilier skin types.

Do you share my skin type or use any of these products? I'd love to read your recommendations below! xo


  1. Ooh, it's nice to see a product by Eau Thermale as I've been using their cleanser lately and have been so impressed, the 300ml bottle lasts forever! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. I think so many of their products are worth it for that very reason... I haven't tried the cleanser but I will investigate! x

  2. I have used that Garnier lotion and I absolutely love it! thanks so much for an awesome post :) xx, kenz

  3. Im a sucker for garnier products they help my skin alot ❤

    1. Me too Shanique...thanks for stopping by xo

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