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Friday, 31 July 2015

Pins Of The Week/Weekly Chit Chat #3

This poorly-maintained feature is back! Apologies..I've been pretty rubbish at blogging the past few weeks, but my Pinterest (as always) has been alive and well. When I go quiet on here rest assured I'll be pinning away regardless. Here's what I've been loving this week!

  • I finally got my hair done after a long long period of procrastination. I went through a phase of being red but quickly realised how high maintenance the colour is. Instead, I had my locks chopped to shoulder length and dyed dark (it's still got some red coming through but I quite like it.) I was unhappy with it at first but I think it's what needed to happen. And how hot does KP look with, essentially, the same chop? I need to learn that my hair is never going to be long and why not embrace short and crazy instead? (Just convincing myself over here.)
  • Clothing wise, all I'm lusting after is shirts: plaid, chambray, denim, you name it and I probably want it. The weather in England is a little glum again but definitely not cold, so a shirt is a perfect option for a casual daytime look. Or anytime look. I like to sleep in shirts too so I'm quite literally living in them.
  • I'm off to Berlin next week so have begun thinking about what I want to pack. I think a grey maxi and a big felt hat is going to be my go-to look. Anyone been to Berlin? Please leave me your tips on exploring the city or leave links to blog posts if you've documented your travels! I'm really excited to visit so I will definitely be doing a post/posts on my time when I return so watch this space if you're interested.
  • The above advice should be employed by all and we'd have a very nice world to live in.

Thank you for sticking with me in my absence! Alas, I will be away next week and no, I don't have any posts scheduled (I'm not one of those organised bloggers...yet) but I will be back with some snaps from my travels.
How has your week been? As always, thank you for reading xo


  1. I have a real thing for shirts at the moment! Disappointment of the day was buying the perfect red flannel shirt from the men's section (thinking this was an amazing idea which would unlock countless shirt possibilities for me) and not being able to cram my boobs into it. Fail.

    The new hair do sounds lovely!

    1. Ah nooo! Men's shirts are so nice to wear as well.

      Thank you so much! xo


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