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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Weekend Away Packing Tips & London

I love going places for the weekend: there's nothing like getting in on a Thursday (when my week ends, hurrah), getting your stuff together and getting on a train. Here's my guide to packing if you're escaping for a few days.
Get yourself a big holdall
I'm the sort of person who will always fill a bag to the brim. If it's a clutch or if it's a suitcase: it's going to be full. I then learnt to buy larger bags in an attempt to fit all my stuff in, whilst attempting to teach my brain that it should not under any circumstances be fit to burst. This one is from Primark and whilst it is massive, it's really light and the perfect size for a weekend break.

Layers are important
I can hear my mother saying "LAYERS!!" as my seven year old self asks her what I should pack on holiday. It's true though. Vests, t-shirts and a light jumper or two will take you far.

The big shoe Q
A pair of low-top Converse are the perfect weekend shoe. You can wear them with anything (jeans, tights and a skirt, casual trousers. whatever.) Plain black or white ones will serve you well (and if they're leather even better...I'm currently lusting over leather Converse.)

Black Skinnies
Need I say more?

Makeup Essentials
Makeup is heavy and that's a fact. Try and slim it down to great essentials and get a makeup brush holder to keep your tools clean. Keep sample pots at the ready to fill with cleansers and moisturisers. And remember a nail file: you will always need one.

Take up so much room. Chargers, straighteners, a hair dryer...remember this stuff is the bulkiest. Do your hair well in advance of leaving too: hot straighteners aren't safe, kids. If you're taking a camera, remember its charger. If you read on a Kindle, remember its charger. Anything you 'use', remember it needs plugging in to be able to function!

You will have time to yourself, wherever you go, so don't forget things to do! One book is usually me set for a weekend. Remember a camera. Take a sketch book. Or even some *shudder* work.

I spend a lovely weekend in London with some of my best friends. Here are some snaps:
hungerford bridge
got through some georgie orwell 
brick lane
cereal killer cafe


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