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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lush Haul

Hey lovely people. I picked up some stuff from Lush to review. I've been in Sheffield this weekend and returned this afternoon, opening up my bag to the smell of popcorn and pear drops which was a pretty wonderful experience.

First up, I've got some editing to do because I know I said in a previous post that Dark Angels won my Lush cleanser VS but no... Herbalism turned out to be the real winner. Every single time I use this my complexion is immediately so much more even, my skin is generally cleaner and the colour of this makes me happy. Dark Angels actually irritated my skin after a while, so apologies. Herbalism is the way forward.

Secondly, everyone is raving about Lush lip scrubs so I thought I'd try one out (I was going to make my own but laziness has gotten the better of me.) My lips have been nasty this winter- dry, cracked, painful- so thought this might be my saviour. It smells divine and tastes divine (like salted caramel popcorn goodness) and has definitely left my lips feeling noticeably softer after just a few uses.

Finally, this is the Godmother soap. It smells of pear drops, it's a pretty pink and I continually have to remind myself not to eat it. Not too shabby at all.
And that is all! Let me know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other Lush obsessions. Til next time x


  1. Herbalism sounds cool I might have to check that out x

  2. I might have to check our Herbalism! I'm always looking for a better skin cleanser!

    Also - can you beat a natural lipscrub called Popcorn? I don't think so!


    1. Really can't recommend enough!

      I know right, it's so tasty (it's edible! But kinda tastes weird after a tiny bit lol) xx


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