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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Product Review: The Perfect Nude Nail

B.Complete is a relatively new brand. I think it's trying to be Superdrug's 'signature brand' in a Boots No7 kind of way. The nail polishes usually cost you just £4.99 but are currently on sale for £2.99. This nude is in the shade Innocence

I love nude nails. They went away for a while but with the likes of Kylie Jenner (isn't she just the beauty inspiration for everything this year?!) sporting them as well as them featuring on the runway, they're back.
It's very hard to find the right tone of nude... it's either too brown and 'mushroomy' or too washed out. This however is perfect. When I saw it on display I said to myself now THAT is a good nude. I've got a radar for these things. 

First coat left me feeling a bit meh. The pigment was average.

However, two coats/three coats in and it becomes the most beautiful, pigmented tone and texture. I'm also a big fan of the brush for this polish: it's wide and thick, so one stroke gives you even application (small brushes=more strokes=more air bubbles/streaks.)

It didn't take too long to dry and I'm really pleased with the result. I love the way this looks: nude is so elegant, though it does make my extremely long hands appear even longer! If you have small hands, a nude polish would definitely do some tricks for you. 

Tip: Don't apply a clear top coat. It makes the polish very 'tacky' and peelable. Because it's already a long lasting polish, leave it be to avoid peeling. 2 coats is plenty.

nude nails + rose gold watch= perfect match
Let me know if you've tried any products from the range because I am really keen to see what they're like.

You can find this polish in the shade Innocence here.


  1. I don't usually find nude nail polishes that I like the look of, but this looks gorgeous.

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    1. It's my fave nail look but so tough to find a nice one! xx


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