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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Product Review: Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I hope I wasn't the only one who had to send my boyfriend on a mission to find this for me (not that I'm not an independent woman and all, but these are getting increasingly hard to come by.) Elle is selling super fast this month, and no it's probably not because of the impeccable Keira Knightley (soz Keira.) Instead, they've only gone and put a brand new, not-on-the-shelves, new technology mascara as a free gift. Yep, go and scour the land for a copy of it if you're wanting to try out Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara. 

Inspired by the lifting, curling technology of velcro rollers, this all new product claims to curl your lashes and add length so that you'll never need eyelash curlers again. Here's what I thought of it:
I'm not usually a fan of rubber wand heads but this one doesn't feel painful on your lashes. It does indeed curl your lashes as you go.

My eyelashes grew before my eyes. I've never seen them so long. 

The packaging is gorgeous, and the full sized bottle looks to be even nicer. I just think Benefit get it right every single time with their packaging; it's tasteful, unique, and thoroughly high-end whilst still being really cute. 

One slight downfall: It's not as great on bottom lashes. Might just be me though! It's a bit tough to make my lower lashes thick whilst not being spidery with this wand. 
Nevertheless, I am certainly getting this when it's released for purchase. It's rumoured to be the end of this month, but there's no official date as of yet. 

Definitely go and try this. It's totally free with Elle, which is a grand total of £4 for a really great mascara that I'm certain is going to be a big thing this year. 


  1. I picked mine up the other day, I am yet to use it though! everyone seems to love! great review x

    1. Thanks Claire! Review it when you do have a go with it, would love to read it i

  2. I NEED to get my hands on a copy of Elle!! It's a shame though, I was hoping that with such a small brush it would be good for bottom lashes. But when it looks as good as in your picture... well you can't say no can you?

    Polka Dot Penny

    1. Something about it just isn't quite there...I think they just look very separated, but I like my lower lashes to look quite full (if that makes sense!) Hope you find a copy! x

  3. Hi Naomi,

    This is really great. I'll have to check Ell's Dutch publication also has is which I doubt, and we have no Sephora here. :-(
    Nice review!

    Jo of

  4. It looks like such a lovely mascara. I picked up Elle the other day and I'm excited to use the mascara!
    Alex //

  5. Loved your review, so interesting reading everyone's review :D I agree that it is extremely lengthening, made my bottom lashes a bit spidery but also very long, can't decide if that's a good thing just yet... thanks for reading mine too!

    Grace x

    1. Yes, literally my feelings too! Aw thank you, loved your review x


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