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Monday, 16 February 2015

Product Review: L'Oreal Studio Line Hot & Sleek

Hello lovely people. Today I'm reviewing a hair product that I bought two weeks ago and have been using regularly: L'Oreal Hot & Sleek Heat Protect cream. Sorry if this ends up being a really long post, but when it comes to hair I feel the need to ramble on about how unruly mine is and compare the product in line with the unruliness.

It doesn't actually say that it's a cream. Its top is super strange but I thought, hmmm, let's just put a little on my hands just to smell it (thinking it would trickle out as a liquid.) Wrong. It's a thick cream that you apply to wet hair before blow drying and then straightening. Messy business when I just wanted to try it.

Anyway, I was searching for a new heat protector product and stumbled upon this. I'm a terrible person in that I heat style my hair most days and often don't use heat protector. Okay, very often. If I run out it's not high on my list of replacements, basically. Which is terrible! I'm trying to grow my hair but dry damaged ends ain't helping the situation.

My hair is naturally frizzy- not quite curly, not quite wavy, and definitely not straight- so I really need a lot of product to help me get it looking sleeker. Don't get me wrong, I love curly hair but mine is too kinky to leave natural. I have used products from this L'Oreal line before but it was too long ago to remember (yep, bad habit of frazzling my hair on the regular, sorry.)
  • Firstly: I love the smell of these products. They smell very...professional. Like hair-salon-hot-hair-expensive-product smell, which I love. You apply to damp hair and then blow dry. Now, I do know how to blow dry my hair out properly but seriously who has the time? My hair isn't overly thick but there's a lot of it, and getting the layers divided and sweating in the heat of a proper blow-out just isn't fun at all. I did it for this though. *Melts into a puddle.*
  • The difference between using this with a proper blow-dry and a quick clumsy one is pretty minimal with my hair. I did notice immediately however that whilst my hair was far from poker straight and sleek, it felt softer.
  • So then to straightening. Again, no miracles but a vast improvement. My hair didn't have all those pesky flyaways that usually come from the humidity. I could even leave the house with slightly damp hair and the frizz was definitely a lot tamer.
Also note the 3 day sleek claim on the side of this bottle. Nope, it doesn't really want to explain that one, but I'm guessing it's saying that's how long your hair is going to stay sleek for. If I didn't wash my hair for three days it would be pretty I cannot testify to that factor!

It's no miracle in a bottle but it's a helping hand if your hair is unruly. Give it a go.

Check it out here. It's currently on sale at Boots.

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