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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Review: Benefit Ready, Set, Brow

What's on your brow wishlist? I know mine: gloriously full, sharp enough to kill and with a heavy dose of insta-esque ombre-ness. If the nature of the last wish evades you, good: save yourself from near-impossible eyebrow goals. Benefit's Ready, Set, Brow does however attempt to fulfill some of these wishes, especially for those of us who want flawless brows all day. My hand is well and truly raised. Available free with Marie Claire this month, this brow setting gel claims to give you picture perfect arches "from working to twerking" - hmm, their marketing team needs to calm down a little I feel. Nevertheless, I put it to the test: whilst working, definitely not whilst twerking.

The latest addition to Benefit's ever-expanding brow product collection is a clear brow gel that claims to provide 24-hour staying power to your brows. You can use it alone, or as a way of setting the products you apply to your brows. It's supposed to define your brows even more than when using coloured products alone.

The packagaing is seriously gorgeous. Benefit smash it on packaging every single time. This silver bottle weighs next to nothing and looks like something straight out of a Disney princess bedroom. Sleeping Beauty probs took a break from being comatose to set her brows, okay.
Personally, if I use a setting product on my brows, I use a waxier formula (from MUA's Pro Brow Kit) before powder products so that they glide on super smoothly. A brow gel, therefore, felt a little weak in comparison in terms of application. It didn't appear to do much, but I was willing to let it set and see how it performed.

The brush itself has two sides, one with finer bristles than the other so that you can really get to those tiny stubborn hairs. I like this factor, and it means that you can acheive some volume.
And yeah, sure, it keeps brow hairs sitting where they ought to. Maybe I'm blessed with tame brows, but I just don't think this product is all that necessary. Maybe I'm just not an advocate for brow gel, but do people's eyebrows really move? I'm thinking of dancing eyebrows right now, but if you pluck your brows/get them done then I don't really see why this product should be in existence. Maybe I'm wrong, but if you can use a spooly, comb the hairs into place and they sit pretty nicely, don't bother purchasing this.

Just to add a little more madness to this product, Benefit have priced it at £18.50 (am I the only person who is going what the hell?). Don't throw away your money: instead, purchase one of Benefit's many actually purposeful and excellent products: Roller Lash, High Beam and Hoola will always be close to my heart, but I can live without a (very pretty) pot of clear gel.

Have you tried Ready, Set, Brow?
What are your favourite Benefit products? 

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  1. I've never had a problem with dancing eyebrows too :D But it's still an interesting product to give a go.

    Oh Dear Bumblebees


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