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Sunday, 10 July 2016

My Four Essential Face Brushes

I'm sure lots of beauty lovers can agree: you gotta get through some rubbish brushes to find the gooduns (famous saying yep). Face brushes are important. They can really change the way your products work for you, so it's worth the search (progress: still ongoing). Here are the brushes I currently can't live without (from top to bottom):

1. Foundation brush - XCSource Kabuki Brush
Yes, I have tried a load of the face brushes that can be acquired via the big wide world of Amazon and yes, most of them are rubbish. However, this foundation brush actually rocks my world. I've had it for over a year and it still hasn't shed a single hair. The perfect density for applying foundation, this brush is an absolute favourite.

2. Bronzer brush - Eco Tools Precision Blush Brush
Eco Tools brushes are the best: sustainably made and super soft. This brush is a great size for bronzing, especially if you want a bit of control in your application (those big bronzer brushes annoy the hell out of me).

3. Contour brush - Real Techniques Sculpting Brush
If you love cream contour, get this brush in your life. It's super dense, so perfect for a smooth application. It also works really hard for you in terms of blending, so much so that it can double up as a foundation brush.

4. Liquid product brush - Mii Perfect Base Brush
This brush is intended for foundation, but I love it for cream blush and liquid highlighter most of all. It's a really gentle brush so perfect for blending in liquid products seamlessly and ensuring they don't move around too much in the process. Pick up a bit of cream blush and highlighter on the brush at the same time and thank me later: you'll be obssessed with the pigmented glow it brings to your cheeks.

What are your favourite face brushes?
Any Amazon brush successes?

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