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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

#OOTD & Exploring the Nottingham Christmas Market

It's my last week in Nottingham before I head home for the holidays, so I obviously had to head down to the market for a proper festive evening before returning (oh wait, Birmingham has the largest authentic German market outside Germany and Austria, but hey).
After indulging in some (20) buffalo wings (I know I'm excessive but they're so good) at one of my favourite Nottingham restaurant/bars, Bunk, we headed on down to the Christmas market. I'd passed through it a few times already but hadn't taken the time to look around or take any pictures, so I made sure I had time for it in my week before heading home. We had intended to go ice-skating but were pushed for time as we were going to a jazz concert and incredibly full after eating enough chicken to feed a few small families. Story of my life.
Yes, every Christmas market in the UK is pretty similar, but the Nottingham one is my favourite out of those I've visited. By the 8th of the festive month it's already quietened down enough to properly enjoy it! (the same cannot be said for the Birmingham one.) I just love the feel of them: the creepy but cheerful carousel music, the smell of Bratwurst and the rows and rows of tiny cabins selling all sorts of goodies. If you're not feeling festive yet, a market is definitely the way to remedy that!
There are so many treats to enjoy and gifts to buy, I was essentially spoilt for choice. Look at these beautiful marshmallow cake pops! I swear I'll try something that's actually German when I'm home...
After having the compulsory selfie, we found this little guy...cue the Elf quotes! #sonofanutcracker. I would like one of these for Christmas please, just to stand next to the tree. Thanks Santa.
Seeing as it's getting pretty chilly now, I decided it was definitely hat weather. I found this cute beige bobble hat in Primark for the ridiculously cheap price of £2.50! I usually opt for a big faux fur number but decided I had to have a bobble hat this year for some reason. This cape is featured in my Winter Warmer Challenge post : if you haven't read it yet, follow the link!
Hat: Primark
Cape: Boohoo
Bag: New Look
Leggings: Next
Boots: Primark
Lipstick: No7 Stay Perfect Matte in Brick Red

Heading away from the market we bumped into this wonderful creature. It's so beautiful! Who knew a gigantic sparkling reindeer would essentially make my Christmas. 
That's all for now folks! Let me know if you want to see more lifestyle posts, because I enjoy doing them! I hope you're having a lovely December. Product reviews coming next week (if the stuff I've ordered has arrived safely to greet me when I get home!)... xo


  1. I love all this Christmas markets here in Germany, and this one in Nottingham is adorable! I love how you rocked a poncho here to keep it cozy!


    1. You're so lucky to have the real deal! I love visiting Germany but have never been at Christmas time...on the bucket list!xo


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