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Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Favourite Prepping Products For Shine-Free Skin

If you have oily skin then you'll know that getting a shine-free finish to your face can be a struggle. I rarely want skin that looks totally matte, but if not prepped properly then within a few hours my face becomes a shiny mess.

About a month ago I talked about my summer skincare for combo/oily skin which seemed to go down really well. Oily skin is something many of us deal with all year round so I thought I would do a post on my ultimate favourite products to prepare skin that's prone to oiliness. I like to ensure the products I use before my makeup are going to give me a head start and give my skin a more normal finish... then I can amp up the highlight with no worries! I also hate loading up my face with powder: I've found that using this super affordable dream team trio means that I don't have to.

Note: All the prices included are for the full price products, but the Botanics range very often has great deals on.

Warning: There may be some hyperbolic raving in this post seeing as I am totally obsessed with these products.
Botanics All Bright Foaming Cleanser (£3.99)
I actually reviewed this product a few months back, but I honestly don't think I will ever use another cleanser again.

It's suitable for all skin types but I find it to be perfect for oily skin. It's a cleanser that properly cleanses (so many popular brands just skim the surface) without stripping your skin and leaving it tight and uncomfortable.

It's perfect in the mornings to give you an oil-free start and it's the best product in the evenings for removing all your makeup. I don't even need to take my makeup off with a face wipe: this cleanser makes everything melt away!

It's also a brightening product, which is great as it makes your skin look super perky without adding any excess moisture.

Botanics Mattifying Shine Away Gel Cream (£4.99)
As I mentioned in my summer skincare post, it's so important to moisturise even if your skin is oily. If you skip this step then your skin will overcompensate by producing more oil! Nevertheless, no one with oily skin wants to feel greasy after applying moisturiser.

I've tried a few mattifying moisturisers in my time but nothing beats this one. It doesn't say moisturiser in the name but it does in fact 'balance hydration with lasting shine control': it's a product with the texture of a serum, but it certainly doesn't act like your regular stuff. It sinks into your skin really quickly and leaves absolutely no sense of greasiness behind- instead you have a perfectly smooth, matte base. It's amazing how this product balances everything out so well.

To add to my praise of this product, it also does some more hard work for you in terms of the quality of your skin. It contains Willowbark, a natural source of salicylic acid- the ingredient you should be looking for if your skin is prone to breakouts. Seeing as oily skin is often problematic as well, this product is brilliant for helping to heal imperfections. I'm so glad I found it!

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer (£5.99)
Only as I'm writing this up have I noticed that this primer says 'use alone, under or over makeup'- Over??? I'm so confused. I don't think that's the best method but whatever works for you I guess!

Anyway. This primer is excellent if keeping shine at bay is your goal. For me, this primer doesn't really make my pores appear smaller but it certainly keeps my makeup looking better for longer.

I particularly like the way this primer makes bare skin look. If you have dry skin then you really want to avoid this, but it immediately takes any shine away from oily skin.

It has an air brushing effect on shine and imperfections- not totally, of course- but it makes my skin look so much better! It does however have a little bit of a residue, so it can make my already pale skin look pasty white: I personally don't mind this at all seeing as I'll usually be applying bronzer or foundation anyway, but just a little heads up!

That's all folks! I hope this was helpful to anyone wanting to get a mattifying start to their makeup routine. If you've tried any of these products or have any alternative recommendations, I would absolutely love to know about them! Til next time xo


  1. I've heard wonderful things about Botanics. I need to grab these one my next Target run!

    Xoxo, Mindy

    1. Really, really great range. Definitely going to explore it further! xo


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