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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Boots No7 Haul: 6 Products For £10!

Boots No7 is currently celebrating its 80th birthday! If you buy two products then you receive a free gift box containing three items and also a free lipstick courtesy of their colour match service. I managed to use the coupon given out in Boots to get money off in No7, so I will have ended up getting six products for around £10, which is ridiculous! I've done the calculations further down, but essentially this equates to £50 worth of products. There's quite a bit to get through, so here's what I got and my thoughts on it all!

The items I bought:
Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Me Me Me 
This colour is my favourite shade of pink. I love vibrant hot pinks all year round and this one seriously caught my eye. I've tried the No7 Stay Perfect polishes before and think the finish is brilliant. The colour always ends up super opaque and really does stay perfect for a good four days at least.
Stay Precise Liquid Liner in Black
Oh my gosh...this liner is incredible! The brush seems to guide you to the perfect fleeky flick. The formula is super opaque and even when you can feel a bad liner day coming on, this product ensures that there's very little room for mistakes.

In the 80th Anniversary gift box: (free when you buy two items) 
Skin Illuminator 
As you may know if you read my blog regularly, I am obsessed with highlighter. I love the stuff. Even with oily skin, I cannot get enough of strobing up my face til it looks like a Christmas tree (just You can imagine my excitement when I saw this! It's light and blendable which I really like, but I personally find it a little too shimmery. I had never tried a liquid highlighter in a peach tone before- whilst I would have loved this with my tan over summer, I'm back to being ghostly pale so it doesn't suit me too well. I think the colour of this highlighter would suit darker skin tones so beautifully. Add this to your collection if you have olive-dark skin my strobing sisters!
Intense Volume Mascara
I had tried No7 mascaras before and not liked them, but this one is rather nice. It is definitely a volumising mascara and gives you little in terms of length and curl (what I usually opt for) but it was certainly a nice change to try out something a bit more dramatic. I won't be using it every day but I will definitely reach for it when I want seriously intense lashes.
Stay Perfect Eye Shadow in Forest Fruits
No7 eyeshadows are so incredible for the price. I have tried many of their palettes before and lots of them have a deep purple shade included- must be their thang. The pigment is excellent and I really like this colour. I would probably have preferred something a little more wearable but hey, it's still pretty. If you use a very small amount on your brush and really blend, it's a lot more subtle.
My Colour Match Lipstick Of Choice:
So finally, on top of all the products mentioned, I went and picked out a Stay Perfect lipstick to add to my growing collection. The colour I chose is Brick Red (605) after finding out my skin classes as 'Cool Ivory' at No7. I must say, this shade does really suit me! It's a gorgeous lipstick as well: matte and seriously pigmented. It lasts all day! I love the No7 lipsticks for classic, wearable shades. I would love to see them branch out a bit and offer some colours that aren't just mid range pinks/reds but I'm still super happy with every lipstick I've ever bought there. 
Though some of these products are half sizes (the mascara and the highlighter), this is how much all this would have been at full price:
Nail Polish: £6.00
Liner: £7.50
Highlighter: £11.00
Mascara: £9.95
Eyeshadow: £7.00
Lipstick: £9.95
= £51.40

£50 worth of products for £10 is pretty darn good. I must say, the brand have really upped their game recently. I used to think it was 'the makeup line for your mum' - sorry, fans - but I absolutely rate the quality, range and style of their products at the minute. 
If you want a good handful of great items for a ridiculously cheap price, go and check out what's new at No7. Thanks for reading xo

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