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Friday, 8 May 2015

How To Style An Everyday Red Lip

I adore red lips but often feel overdressed if I wear one during the day. I generally disagree with any beauty advice that tells you a look is 'day time' or 'night time' (if you feel it, wear it!) but I feel like in general there is a distinction between a dressed up red lip and a more casual one. I have figured out some tricks and tips to make your red lip that bit more wearable.

(I'm wearing No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Ginger Rose on top of Clinique Berry Freeze)

Pare the eyes down. A gorgeous mascara and a white eyeliner will make your eyes pop but not battle with the red. Liquid eyeliner and a red lip is nice but it's so much more 'day time' without it.

Think about hair. I like to wear my hair in curls, but curls plus red lips can be a bit 'vintage' and hard to dress in a casual way. Go for a messier look (any excuse): messier curls, a bun or a braid work nicely.

Bronze. I think bronzed skin works great with a red lip. The paler my skin, the more I feel a red lip looks a little doll-esque.

Skip the lip liner. This can be tough (especially if your lips are like mine and don't have 'distinct' that just me?) but over-lined lips can look extremely overdone.

Think about the shade. Try and pick a medium red that suits your skin tone: I like mixing colours as seen above to get the perfect shade. For me, orange reds minimise the red undertones in my skin and are a great compliment to green eyes.

But obviously, werk your red lip as you feel appropriate. Confidence is key! xo


  1. I love this, I love wearing a casual red lip.
    You look lovely!

    Laura xo

  2. Ahh I love this, I always feel like I am awkward rocking the everyday red lip... but I may just need to try again :)

    1. Hi Brooke! Same, but whenever I see someone else in one I admire it's obviously all in our heads! xxx

  3. You look gorgeous with red lips, it suits you well. I love my red lips too however I do feel less confident with it on sometimes. These are very great tips! :)
    Will use it when wearing red lips on and yes I just need to be more confident as Confidence is key. :)
    Sincerely Renny

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