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Friday, 1 May 2015

Desk Tour

Hey lovelies! I adore reading nosy posts like this so I thought why not write one myself? I've done a tour of my desk at my Nottingham 'uni home.' It's not perfect by any means (I'm genuinely addicted to the Pinterest 'beautiful desk' search) but seeing as it's essentially not my 'own', it's not how I'd quite like it to be: I can't put stuff up on the walls or light candles, for instance. Nevertheless, I like my little space and I think having a clean, organised place to work and write is essential. Here we go!
This white surface is, for one, impossible to keep clean...especially with all the makeup and nail varnish I go through. However, I do think it looks really nice, and it encourages me to tidy! My desk chair itself is actually a nice one but I like to cover it in a throw and cushion just to keep it cosy. This is where my laptop lives: I love laptop stickers and this one can be found here.
I keep a few nail varnishes on my desk, simply because there's no room for them elsewhere! This is probably 1/8 of my entire nail varnish collection (oops) but I go through phases of favourites. I also have some flowers (real ones are obviously nicer but they don't last forever so fake is the way!) and I'm the kind of person who never throws a card away so there's usually one that makes me happy on my desk.
I keep my kindle on my desk as well as my reading glasses (I wear Gok Wan model 56 if anyone cares to know!) At the minute I'm reading Atul Gawande Being Mortal. Reading novels full time as my degree has kinda meant I've fallen out of my love affair with reading fiction for fun. However, over the past year or so I've definitely found my non-fiction niche; it just so happens to be anything on mortality/death theory/all that cheery stuff. Keeping my kindle next to me means I'm more encouraged to read and take breaks from work that don't involve (wasting time on) the internet. 
And then I have a pretty random selection of stuff on a cork mat! I'm usually drinking Earl Grey, I've got a pot of pens and highlighters, some Body Shop Coconut hand cream, a selection of rings and to top it off, a purple sparkly Jesus who has kinda become my mascot. 
I love staying organised. My planner helps me with where I need to be and when and I love using Muji to-do lists to plan my work and errands. Meri Meri note sheets are the best for other reminders and general shopping/reading lists. Jack Wills post-its are great because they contain big stickers as well as tiny tabs, which are great to mark out places in books.

That's about it! Hoped you enjoyed snooping round my desk. Til next time xo


  1. When I moved, unfortunately my desk didn't come along... and you don't really realize how heavenly it is til it's gone! Love your desk set up, and the cover of your laptop!

    1. Aw that's a shame! Hope you find somewhere good to work/write instead. Thank you so much xoxo

  2. I wish I could keep my desk as neat as yours, I love the set up of it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Hi Alice, trust ain't always this neat! Thank you anyway xoxo

  3. Slightly jealous of how neat your desk is. I am going to use this as inspiration to do some tidying :) xxx

    1. Thank you LJ! It's not always this tidy but I do love having a clean sweep of it xxx


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