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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Resolutions are always nice

I've always liked these words. Read good books, kiss important people and make art in as many forms as you can. Neil Gaiman wrote this in one of his New Year essays and I always come back to it.

Nevertheless. New Year eh. It's as though we're expected to shed our 'old' skin and become a new person. Yes, it's good to have a fresh start, but it does remind me wholeheartedly that resolutions shouldn't really have a time or a place.

Despite this, I've made some. I intend to keep them because they're not all that crazy.

1. Drink more water. I'm going to at least attempt the 30 day water challenge this month. Nothing to drink, but water (and I'm allowing myself black tea.) It's so important for your health and your skin so this is my numero uno.

2. Start a blog. I have no idea what I'm doing but I just want to write some stuff and talk about things I like and maybe it'll be interesting. So thanks for reading this you lovely person you.

3. Learn to enjoy reading again. Read more, more often. Read stuff I used to read and forgot I enjoyed. Philosophy, fairy tales, crappy magazines. It's all good for you.

4. Stop dressing like an absolute slob. I'm forcing myself to stop wearing leggings more than three times a week (no lie I wear leggings everyday) (I'm pretty sure that's illegal.)

5. Go to the gym more. I have no particular goals other than to be healthy, but I need to haul ass to the gym waaay more than I actually do. Or just start running again. And especially brave the ego-drenched weights section because it's so male dominated it's embarassing.

6. Keep this in mind:
Basically, stop gossiping. There are so many bigger things to talk about than what people you barely know are up to. 

And that's about it. Make some resolutions people. Goals are nice. x


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