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Monday, 12 January 2015

Golden Globes Favourites

Truthfully, it was hard finding looks I fully gave the thumbs up to at the Globes last night. There were some dreadful things, I am sorry to say. Those I like though: hello! As you can see, my picks are nude/blush pink and and dark dresses, which are basically what I always gravitate to.

Kate Beckinsale (left): Oh my gosh. Stunning. I'm pretty sure she's not human. The dress is by Elie Saab and I think that's a pretty faultless move. I love the detail that she's gone with, in that she's not been afraid to just glam it up in every element. Sparkly, luxe, fab.

Laura Prepon (centre left): Her look and her style just remind me of a beautiful evil queen. Not that she's evil, I freakin love her. She looks (glamourously) dark and mysterious (plus her hair in all its glossy raven beauty is to die for.)

Sienna Miller (centre right): Love! She looks like a tiny fairy. On a cake. Sprinkled with glitter. This Miu Miu is so dainty yet still sexy with that plunge. I' a big fan of the short crop too.

Katherine Heigl (right): This Zac Posen dress is something I genuinely lust after.That mermaid transition in the front is just *omg*.

I feel like these stars made informed choices: the looks suit their own personal style and their figures. Who were your favourites?


  1. I think my favourite is Katherine Heigl, fits her figure so well!
    P.S I also share your love of literature! Book lovers unite haha

  2. It's beautiful isn't it!

    Omg yes I saw you were are 'feminist, aesthete, cat lover and voracious reader' and was like that is my kinda person. Nice to meet you!


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