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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Review: Antipodes Manuka Honey Collection

Current obsession is back! I was recently sent Antipodes' Skin Brightening Day Cream* and Skin Brightening Eye Cream* from their Manuka Honey Collection. Currently assessing whether or not I could live without one of these...

These two skin-brightening products are from a New Zealand-based skincare brand. "Scientific organic beauty" is their thing. Manuka honey is an ingredient proven to be full of antioxidants, making these two products perfect for combination/oily skin.

The eye cream
As well as honey, the eye cream also contains Persian silk flower to help hydrate. Combined, you've got a recipe to leave your under eye area smooth and replenished. The product itself is a great consistency, the colour of pale mustard (hmm, yum) and nevertheless a real treat to use. The honey smell with both these products is something I absolutely love. This stuff absorbs quickly, and certainly does leave my under eye area feeling silky smooth.

The day cream
Bee venom is one of the key ingredients besides honey in the day cream (bee venom is my thang, check this out), making it a restorative, lifting formula. Whilst the eye cream is good, the day cream is my personal fave. Scratch that, I'm totally obsessed with the stuff! It smells like a dream, and once applied it dries quickly, leaving your skin feeling completely matte but also soft. It's the perfect base for makeup, especially for those of us with oily skin who need to avoid greasy creams spoiling our chances of an oil-free face. The honey in this formula also works to tackle spots: I'm not afraid to slather this on when my skin is flaring up, as I've seen it do nothing but help the situation!

Combined, these two retail at over $100, which is something to keep in mind. The eye cream is lovely, but not as ground-breaking as the wonder that is the day cream.

Have you tried this product?
Let me know your thoughts!

*Items were gifted by the brand or company mentioned. Thoughts are my own. 

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