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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Review: Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub

On the whole, I'm not particularly loyal when it comes to skincare. My skin needs different things as the seasons change, so I'm more than happy to investigate and experiment to see if I can find something I want to pledge my allegiance to. Nevertheless, my Botanics' All Bright Cleanser certainly isn't getting traded in any time soon, and I'm also borderline obsessed with these guys: today I'm reviewing Nip + Fab's Glycolic Fix Scrub.
I have plenty of product reviews from this line (see here) (and here), and I love trying new things from the range. They target so many different ailments, and they're especially good for problematic, acne-prone skin. This scrub claims to be a facial polish that cleanses pores with the use of glycolic and 3% salicylic acid to brighten and renew. These ingredients in any skincare product always makes me sit up straight and pay attention: if you have oily, blemish-prone skin like me, you definitely want to get these two involved in your regime. 

This scrub is no exception to the rule of get those acids on your skin now. In terms of application, it's a pleasant product to use with a lovely grapefruit scent and grainy exfoliating particles which really work to buff away dead skin. It's an amazing exfoliator, leaving the skin soft and mattified.

In terms of results, I started putting this to use in the midst of a horrible breakout: I had a spell of those blemishes that lie under the surface of the skin and make your life a misery. These acne spells are likely to leaving scarring when they finally relax their ugly hold on your face (if you know, you know), so I always want to make sure I look after them properly. This scrub (used every two days so as not to totally dry my skin out) made the recovery time on this problematic area much faster than I'd ever before experienced. When you exfoliate with these acids, the blemishes lose their raised texture, making it so much easier to cover them up as well as encouraging a faster healing process. 

Remember to moisturise after using this product, as I have found it can leave your skin flaky if you leave it to dry out. All in all, I absolutely recommend this if you experience painful break outs that need a little encouragement in order to heal smoothly. 

Have you tried this?
What are your favourite Nip + Fab products?

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