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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Current Favourite: Rimmel Matte Lipstick

Current Favourite is back! Today it's taking the form of Rimmel's Kate Moss Matte lipstick in Wine (Shade 107). My boyfriend actually bought me this lipstick and I'm super impressed with him because it's essentially my idea of perfection.
The colour payoff from this lipstick is incredible. And what a gorgeous colour! This "wine-stained lip but hella better" kind of shade is big at the moment and I can see why. It suits a wide range of skin tones and whilst it makes me look very pale and vampy, I'm totally embracing it.

The formula itself is matte but not totally matte. As you can see, it's got a bit of shine to it and it certainly doesn't dry to the point that it won't smudge. Nevertheless, it's got a good wear time and definitely doesn't crumble as it fades.

One factor some might not be so keen on is the fact that this lipstick is scented. Very scented. It smells like a tropical fruit. Personally, I love it, but just a heads up.

Rimmel make some of the best lipsticks at the drugstore in my opinion, and I'm so glad this one found its way to me!  

What are your favourite drugstore lipsticks? xo

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  1. 107 is definitely one of my favourite, and one of my most worn lipstick :) Your boyfriend picked up a great shade, it suits you.


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